Having your Mac is one of the WORST feelings in the world! Trust me, it has happened to me! This is particularly useful if you have a MacBook, since it is very portable. Of course we have the Find My app, but in the past, your Mac had to be connected to wifi in order to be located. However, one of the new features in macOS Catalina is called “Offline Finding”.

Offline Finding doesn’t just use wifi so you can locate it, but now it uses surrounding Apple devices. For example, let’s say your MacBook is stolen. If the thief takes it to an area with other Apple devices, even if the thief himself has an iPhone, your MacBook will silently communicate through the other Apple devices to tell you its location! It’s a well awaited feature for sure! So let’s see how to turn this feature on for your Mac. (Note: This feature works on all of your updated Apple devices now as well.)

Step 1: Open Apple ID in System Preferences

Open System Preferences on your Mac, then click on “Apple ID” in the top right hand corner.

Step 2: Click on “Options” Next to “Find My Mac”

You should see a list of your iCloud services. Scroll down and click on the “Options” button, which is right next to “Find My Mac.” This will open up additional features for Find My.

Step 3: Turn On Offline Finding

You should see the options for “Offline Finding.” That will be where you can turn the feature on. After you have done that, your MacBook will communicate with any Apple device that is around it, to share its location.

I hope this tutorial was useful for you. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I will reply to you. Also, if you would rather watch the full video of this tutorial, here it is below: